How did the BAI event go this month? 

I was really happy with the turnout and loved working with Trinity Workbench Team from Bank of Ireland. It was great to have an event before Christmas and get everybody together to talk about something we are all interested in.  Great to have Alan Carbery out to talk about the Lightning Network and scaling bitcoin. I feel a key part of all of this is engagement with the audience and getting their views on board. The Q&A session at the end is always the most rewarding as finding out other peoples opinions on certain topics and issues can help people generate new ideas to solve challenging problems in this space.


How many attended, how many were a new audience? 

Attendance was between 45-55, which filled out the room.



Who were the speakers at the December event? What was the topic presented about?

Myself (Fergus Neary) - I spoke about Blockchain Association of Ireland and the scalability problem facing our growth in the country.

Alan Carberry - Discussed the Lightning Network and was fascinating.

You can find out more about the presentations here:

Fergus Neary - 

Alan Carbery -


Where did the event take place? 

The event took place in Bank of Ireland’s Trinity Workbench. 

What are the plans for the next event? 

We are currently drafting up a list of topics and speakers for events for the BAI next year. Some of the areas we are looking to discuss include: 

  1. Regulatory and Legal Aspects
  2. Interoperability and Standardisation
  3. Cybersecurity and cryptography development 
  4. Major use cases in financial services
  5. Initial Coin Offerings and tokenisation
  6. Crypto Mining