White paper: Bitcoin: A peer to peer electronic cash system — by Satoshi Nakamoto

Article: Bitcoin and the separation of money and state — by Erik Voorhees

Article: Why blockchain matters — by Reid Hoffman

Article: The meaning of decentralization — by Vitalik Buterin

Article: Money, Blockchains and social scalability — by Nick Szabo

Article: How digital currency will change the world — by Brian Armstrong


A Quick Introduction On How Blockchains Work

Article: A gentle introduction to blockchain technology — Antony Lewis

Article: A gentle introduction to Bitcoin — Antony Lewis

Article: The Blockchain Application Stack — by Joel Monegro

Infographic: Bitcoin’s network in one infographic

Online Course Coursera: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies. The course’s coding assignments require a profound understanding of Java. The Videos can also be found on youtube — Lecture 1: Intro to crypto and crypto currencies.


The Crypto Ecosystem

Article: The future is a decentralized internet — by Olaf Carlson-Wee

Article: A decentralized web would give power back to the people online — by Metthew Hotgson

Article: Fat protocols — by Joel Monegro

Article: Mapping the decentralized word of tomorrow — by Alexander Ruppert

Website: Startup Tracker

Conferences: Decentralized Web Summit (awesome video content!), Token Summit (awesome video content!), Consensus Conference


Crypto Markets & Trading

Article: Blockchain investments and new problem asset for conventional VCs — by Jake Brukhman

Article: A tactical guide to investing in blockchain assets — by Nick Tomaino

Article: Cryptoeconomics 101 — by Nick Tomaino

Article: Projecting the price of Bitcoin — by Charles Hugh Smith

Article: Crypto Asset valuation methodologies — by Chris Burniske

Research papers: Smith and Crown ( and

Monitoring Ethereum Blockchain: and

Monitoring Bitcoin Blockchain:

360° overview of crypto assets:

Crypto market caps: and and

ICOs: and and

Long term trading strategy: and — Fred Wilson


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